Permanent Placement

PIVA Software delivers clients with highly qualified IT professionals with in-demand for full-time positions. PIVA Software ensures that our clients have access to leading professionals in key technology fields , we have experience with clients in a variety of industries and understands the need for accomplished executives and professionals who can establish or maintain a leadership position for our clients.We involve our partners and we take the time to evaluate and select the candidates that are right for the position as well as for your organization. Upon signing the contract stipulating the teammembers, roles and rates, we invoice you monthly according to effort reports.

Turnkey projects

PIVA SOftware provides project-based consulting to help you meet your business goals and objectives. Our project-based consulting allows your business to have access to a full software development team without financial and administrative overhead. PIVA Software provide highly skilled teams working on a project delivery basis.Once our team members are engaged in a project, they aggressively study your specification, give appropriate solution and assist with knowledge transfer to your maintenance teams or/and assist by long term support contract, Under this model our customers pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project which in turn is linked to precisely defined deliverables

Time and materials

PIVA Software Staffing Services can keep your staff up-to-speed with best-of-breed technologies and the skills required to maintain technical operations with maximum efficiency. Our skilled resources are efficient in key technologies to help design, build, manage and support your systems. This business model is efficient for long-term projects and scalable projects and/or in the cases when the project is hard to predict in terms of time and creative effort, and when development process can vary and needs control and improvement during the implementation and upon each iteration. Upon signing the contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, we invoice you monthly according to effort reports.